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Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis

Description: Lived 400 thousand years ago in Germany, France and Africa Belonging Order: Mammalia Eutheria, Primata, Ominidae Distribution: Africa, Eurasia Height: 1,50-1,60 meters, cerebral volume 1500 cm3 Physical Characteristics: It is different from current humans because of its massive skeleton, bigger forehead and teeth. They were able to create very elaborate utensils. Food: Omnivorous Extended…
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Description: Vegetarian, lived 152 million years ago in Tanzania, Algeria and North-western America Belonging Order: Diapsid, Saurischia Sauropoda, Brachiosauridae Period: old Jurassic, about 140 million years ago Distribution: North America, Eastern Africa Length: more than 25 meters Height: 12-13 meters Weight: 80-100 tons Physical Characteristics: huge dinosaur, with a massive body supported by 4 strong…
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